Individual, couples, and family counseling

for adults and children

Parents seek counseling for their children for many reasons.  Often parents notice behavioral issues and are unable to manage behavioral change without professional assistance.  Because children have different cognitive abilities than adults, counseling with children looks very different that it does with adults.  I utilize both directive and non-directive play therapy techniques with children.  This means sometimes I will give a child a therapeutic task to complete in the session and sometimes I will allow the child to choose what we will do together.  This non-directive approach is the heart of client centered play therapy.  By allowing the child the freedom to choose what s/he will do, and the safe place to play in a therapeutic environment, your child will begin the healing process. Instead of talking about his/her thoughts and feelings, children play out their thoughts and feelings in my office.  Play is the language of the child and it is the language that they are most comfortable using to work through difficult issues.  This process is not something that is linear, or happens over the course of a set number of sessions.  There is an ebb and flow to counseling and you may see your child make progress, then regress, then make further progress.  This can be frustrating for parents, but please recognize that it is normal and expected.  In addition to utilizing directive and non-directive techniques with children, I also sometimes utilize behavioral techniques and EMDR.  For further information about play therapy, please visit .